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ASCENT PETROCHEM HOLDINGS CO., LIMITED is a company mainly involved in research and production of surfactant and washing chemicals. The main products of the company: SLES, LABSA, Powdered LASK12(SLS), AOS, CDEA, CMEA, APG and so on, among which series of powdered LAS products dominate the domestic market. In addition, the company is also involved in engineering design, revamp & expansion, technical consulting and service for synthetic detergent spray drying unit and membrane sulfur trioxide sulfonation unit.

Our company adheres to business philosophy of honesty and innovation and tenet of mutual benefits and development, and has cultivated a distinctive and faithfulness-focused cooperate culture.



Laurylamidopropyl Amine Oxide (LAO-30) is soluble in water and polar organic …

Sodium Alpha-Olefin Sulfonate (AOS) is a type of anionic surfactant processed by …

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Powder is white or yellow powder, but it will become …

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