Knowing More About Laurylamidopropyl Amine Oxide LAO 30

Laurylamidopropyl Amine Oxide (LAO-30) is soluble in water and polar organic solvent It is a weak cationic type amphoteric surfactant. LAO-30 is a liquid,readily compatible with anionic,amphoteric,nonionic surfactant preparations. Laurylamidopropyl Amine Oxide (LAO-30) not only has a good thickening and resistance to static, soft, foam, foam and decontamination performance, but also has sterilization, calcium soap dispersing ability, and good biodegradability, is environmentally friendly products.Its aqueous solution is cationic in the acid condition and non ion in alkaline condition.
Laurylamidopropyl Amine Oxide (LAO-30) is suitable for cleaning products, such as shampoo, shower gel, cleansing cream, hand sanitizer, baby care products, tableware detergent and hard surfactants. Laurylamidopropyl Amine Oxide (LAO-30) is very gentle to the skin and hair. When used as emollients, LAO-30 can make skin smooth and comfortable. Laurylamidopropyl Amine Oxide can also make the shampoo produced by general material have dense and butyrous foam.
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