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Alkyl Polyglucoside APG


AppearanceLight yellow liquidLight yellow liquidLight yellow liquidLight yellow liquidDark Brown liquidDark Brown liquid
Solid Content50%Min60% Min62%-65%70% Min70% Min70% Min
Free fatty alcohol1.0%Max1.0% Max1.0% Max1.0% Max1.0% Max1.0% Max
Inorganic Salt3.0% Max3.0% Max3.0% Max3.0% Max3.0% Max3.0% Max
pH(option 1)11.5-12.511.5-12.511.5-12.511.5-12.511.5-12.511.5-12.5
pH(option 2)7.0-9.07.0-9.07.0-9.07.0-9.07.0-9.07.0-9.0
Viscosity200mPa.s Min(20℃)1000mPa.s Min(20℃)2000mPa.s Min(20℃)5000mPa.s Min(25℃)5000mPa.s Min(25℃)3500-6000mPa.s

Packing & Storage

Packingin 200kg drum, 1000kg IBC
Storage20℃, 2 years.
ShippingRoom temperature in China; may vary elsewhere

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General Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Performance characteristics?
Good compatibility, can be compounded with various ionic and non-ionic surfactants to produce synergistic effect
Good foaming, rich and delicate foam
Good solubility, strong alkali and electrolyte resistance, good thickening ability
Good compatibility with the skin, significantly improving the mildness of the formula, non-toxic, non-irritating, easy to biodegrade

Q: Application?

Cosmetics: APG can be stored in a large temperature range for a long time. At the same time, it has the function of humidifying, which fully meets the performance requirements of active components used in cosmetics. At home and abroad, APG has been used as an active component to make cosmetics. This new type of cosmetics shows good skin moisturizing and skin maintenance properties. At present, there are still some quality problems in cleaning agents for human body, the most serious of which is the excessive toxic substances such as Hg, Pb and As, which not only seriously damage the skin and hair, but also pollute the environment. The new generation of shampoo and body wash made with APG as the base agent has strong foaming power, white and delicate foam, has a soft effect on the skin, has no irritation to the eyes, has no pollution to the environment, has good resistance to hard water, and has good maintenance and Maintenance function, especially suitable for preparing high-end toilet products.

Biochemical industry: Compared with non-ionic surfactants, APG has the advantages of high critical micelle concentration, removal by dialysis, non-denaturation of proteins, and high penetration of ultraviolet light. Therefore, APG can be used in the solubilization and reconstruction of membrane proteins Works well in the field of chemistry. At the same time, APG can also be used for the purification of cytochrome C, RNA polymerase, rhodopsin, fatty acid, etc. to stabilize these proteins.

Food processing: Food toxicology testing shows that APG can be used as food emulsifier, preservative, foaming agent and demulsifier, etc. In food manufacturing, it can disperse oil and water, and has foaming, anti-sugar and fatty acid polymerization functions , and has the function of mixing food components evenly and improving food taste. APG has the same or similar properties as surfactants such as glycerin fatty acid esters, sucrose fatty acid esters and sorbitol fatty acid esters. Broad application prospects. APG also has good hydrophilicity (HLB10-19), as a food emulsifier, it solves the problem that Chinese food emulsifiers only have lipophilicity (HLB5-9), and increases the variety of products.

Plastics and building materials: APG is used in greenhouse plastic films, which can stabilize and flame-retardant, especially anti-fog effect. It is used as a new type of emulsifier for emulsion polymerization, and various products with excellent properties can be obtained. In concrete, APG as an air-entraining agent can meet the requirements of rich, stable and uniform foam.

Pesticides: APG has good wetting and penetrating properties, is not sensitive to high-concentration electrolytes, is biodegradable, does not pollute crops and land, and has excellent hygroscopicity, and APG is different from polyoxyethylene-type nonionic surfactants. Because it has no reverse cloud point, it can effectively reduce the surface tension of the liquid medicine, delay the evaporation of water in the liquid medicine, maintain the hydration and dissolution state of the pesticide for a long time, and help to improve the absorption speed and absorption rate of the pesticide on the leaf surface of the plant. Pesticide emulsifier, wettable powder, insecticide, plant growth regulator, can regulate soil temperature, and has a significant synergistic effect on herbicides, insecticides and fungicides. It can also be used for nitrogen fixation in the soil, and C8-C22 APG can also be used as a preservative for the preservation of grains, fish and meat products and flowers.

Petroleum industry: APG can reduce water activity and change the flow state of shale pore fluid, so it can be used as an inhibitor. When added to drilling fluid, it has good lubricity, strong inhibition ability, strong anti-pollution ability and good reservoir protection effect. APG can interact with other water-soluble polymers to achieve the best fluid loss control effect. The temperature limit range of the natural polymer drilling fluid can be widened, and it is biodegradable, which is beneficial to environmental protection. In tertiary oil recovery, using C12-C16 APG compound solution as the replacement fluid, the effect is obviously enhanced. Compared with water flooding, the oil recovery can be improved.

Papermaking and firefighting: APG can improve paper gluing effect, and it can produce waste paper flotation deinking agent with excellent performance when compounded with other surfactants. APG is also widely used in fire-fighting agents.

Medicine: APG has broad-spectrum antibacterial activity, against Gram-negative bacteria, positive bacteria and fungi, APG08~12 has antibacterial activity, and the activity increases with the increase of the number of alkyl carbon atoms, so it can be used as a sanitary cleaning agent. Alkyl polyglycosides are compatible with Chinese herbal medicines, and can be used to prepare health care and skin care products with antipruritic effects by utilizing their excellent properties such as good compatibility and non-irritating skin. APG derivatives have broad prospects in pharmaceuticals.

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