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Coconut Diethanolamide CDEA

Coconut Diethanolamide(CDEA)


Item Index
Appearance Straw to brown dopy liquid
Active Matter, %≥ 78
Free Oil, %≤ 5
Amine Value(mg/KOH/G) ≤ 30
Color&Luster (Hazen 5% a.m.)≤ 500
pH value(10g/L,10% ethanol water solution) 9.5~10.5
Water content, %≤ 0.5
Glycerin content, %≤ 10

Packing & Storage

Packingin 200kg drum, 1050kg IBC
Storage20℃, 2 years.
ShippingRoom temperature in China; may vary elsewhere

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General Information

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Uses of Coconut Diethanolamide
Daily chemical industry
Coconut oil diethanolamide is widely used in the production and manufacture of various cosmetic products such as liquid detergent, liquid soap, shampoo, shampoo cleaning agents, and facial cleansers. It has the properties of wetting, thickening, cleaning, emulsifying, foam stabilizing, and softening. Coconut oil diethanolamide belongs to non-ionic surfactant, compounded with other anionic surfactants, such as LABSA, the foaming ability will be significantly improved, the foam will be relatively rich, stable, and long-lasting, and the washing effect will also be improved.
Textile printing and dyeing industry
Coconut oil diethanolamide can be used as a detergent for textiles and an ingredient of other textile auxiliaries, such as thickeners, emulsifiers, etc., and is also one of the important components of synthetic fiber spinning oils.
Other purposes
It can be used to prepare antirust metal detergent and paint stripper, etc.
It can be used in the preparation of metal grinding materials and dewaxing agents, and can also be widely used in the electroplating industry, shoe polish, drawing supplies, printing ink, and other products.
It can also be used as an emulsion stabilizer for cream products.

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